Sunday, January 22, 2012

Feather Stitch for TAST

For week 3, feather stitch was the challenge. For those of you who haven't read other posts about TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday), it is a year-long challenge offered by the very talented and generous Sharon Boggons ( Each week on her blog, Pin Tangle, Sharon offers a tutorial on a new embroidery stitch. The challenge is for beginning stitchers to master the stitch and for more experienced stitchers to try to get creative with the stitch. Being left-handed, I had always wanted to learn more than the few basic stitches I had learned in childhood, but could never figure out how to adapt them since books and tutorials were generally for right-handed stitchers. Thanks to women like Judith Montano and Valerie Stanton, left-handers now have excellent resources at their disposal.

I have used feather stitch fairly often in my stitching, but did some practice on my doodle cloth before adding a few seam embellishments on my miniature crazy quilt sampler.


  1. That is so gorgeous......thanks for keeping me inspired to try this!!!!

  2. Beautifil stitching (and beautiful blocks).

  3. Thank you so much! I consider myself a beginning stitcher, so I'm pleased just to master each stitch.

  4. So delicate and pretty--I wish I had the talent and patience for embroidery. ;-)

  5. Very nice. Kathy

  6. OMGoodness that is so pretty... Your stitching is fabo.. Nice work Arlene.. WOW I simply love that crazy quilt.


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