Friday, June 27, 2008


I love roast chicken, but I don't love the mess it makes in my oven. Most every grocery store does their own rotisserie chicken now, but I always wonder what additives they use, so I was intrigued by a recipe I came across on a message board for a deli-style rotisserie chicken done in a crockpot. I must say the results were spectacular, though I had to adjust the cooking time. The "recipe" would fit on the head of a pin with room left over for the Declaration of Independence.

Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken
1 whole chicken, 3-5 lbs
olive oil spray
seasoned salt

Clean the chicken inside and out, then spray with olive oil spray and sprinkle with seasoned salt. Spray the inside of the crockpot as well. Note: Do not put any water in the crockpot, but roll 3 or 4 wads of aluminum foil into 2”-3” balls and put them in the bottom of the pot. The chicken is going to sit on these. Place the chicken breast side down on top of the aluminum balls.

The chicken breast sits on the aluminum balls so that when the natural juices drain to the bottom of the pot, they stay in the breast instead of draining from the breast keeping it super moist! Cook on High for 3-6 hours (my 4 lb. chicken took 3 hours).

This chicken tastes remarkably close to one you would buy, precooked, in the deli section of your supermarket **NOTE** wrap a potato in foil and place them in the bottom of the crock pot to make the foil balls, then you have both chicken and potatoes cooked to perfection.

I'd much rather clean my crockpot than my oven and a roasting pan. The smell was incredible! I may never roast another chicken. I wonder if I could stuff it next time? Stay tuned.


  1. You are so smart I am going to try this How clever! Susan

  2. Yum!! I do love store roasted chicken, but I don't like the price! Charlie and I recently purchased a large oval shaped crockpot. How convenient. Next chicken will go into the crockpot with foil wrapped potatoes.

    Thank You
    Peg D

  3. Charlie and I cooked your chicken recipe. That chicken was one of the best we've had. I made a gravy with the defatted juices and cornstarch. The potatoes were done just to perfection. Thank You So Much!!
    Peg D

  4. I can't wait to try this chicken in my new crockpot. I am so excited about all these recipes and the fact that you have found a wonderful way to share your love of food and your cooking talents with so many. I always enjoyed getting your recipes. Now they are literally at my fingertips. What a great blog!!!


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