Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It's Time to Make the Stollen

I thought I didn't like stollen until I tasted it at a CIA class I took a few years ago. Since then, I've been a convert. Nothing is better with a cup of hot tea than a slice of homemade stollen dusted with confectioners' sugar. I posted the recipe quite a while back, so I thought it was time for a reminder to those of you who are gearing up for your holiday baking. My only problem with making stollen is my intentions are always good--I MEAN to let it sit long enough for the rum to develop the flavors and I MEAN to give most of it away. But it's so darned good. Make some, and judge for yourself!

Here's the link to my original post; you'll find the recipe there.


  1. I've never had stollen. The ones in the stores look so dry, but I'll have to try some. It doesn't seem hard to make.

  2. Oh my - I must try this! It's just not Christmas as my house without Biscotti and this reminds me of that. Thanks for sharing this Arlene! Have a most wonderful Thanksgiving my friend!


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