Monday, January 5, 2009


Does anything signify the New Year more than taking down the Christmas tree and undecorating your house? I decided that this would be the year that I went through the many boxes of decorations that I don't use and get rid of them. I also decided to repack the decorations differently and label them clearly. The first step was bringing up the many boxes, bags, and containers. What lessens the load, of course, is having able helpers. As you can see, "Mother's Little Helpers" had ideas of their own about how best to accomplish this task

Along with cleaning out the Christmas decorations, I thought a personal inventory was in order as well. While I've been fairly consistent with my efforts to exercise, using a combination of walking, yoga (on hold right now due to some vertigo issues), and strength training, I'm been more ambivalent about what I've been eating. As promised, you'll be seeing an emphasis on healthy eating on The Food of Love in upcoming days.

For those of you who've made a resolution to eat more healthfully and to exercise more faithfully in the New Year, you might be interested in a helpful site that I've resumed using. I have a bit of experience using different sites to journal my food and exercise, and I find that offers the best since it allows you both to focus on nutrition and exercise as well as offering lots of advice and motivation. If that isn't enough to "spark" your interest, it's absolutely FREE.

So, I just finished a Jillian Michael's power sculpting routine, I have my menu and shopping list made out, and I'll be walking the village streets later this afternoon. My hope is that there'll be less of a healthier me come spring. Want to join me?


  1. Your cats are so cute and so helpful! Why do cats like boxes so much? My three little babies are always jumping into boxes. :)
    I LOVE Spark People. It's a really wonderful website and they send you daily emails to keep you motivated. They also have a recipe calculator which shows you what you're getting in terms of carbs, fiber, protein, etc.
    Arlene, please visit my blog later today. I'm writing a post about starting something new that I think you'll really be interested in.

  2. your kitties are so cute and thoughtful to help you with your christmas decorations. hahahah
    once I get my BP back on track I do want to get back walking again and of course eat right.

  3. ur cats are very cute..although i prefer them atleast a yard in distance..m scared lol

    thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Hope i have found a frequent guest in you!:)


  4. Arlene, HAPPY NEW YEAR. I also took down the decorations on New Years Day. It always make me so sad. I try and bargain with Bob about leaving them up all year, but he always wins out. Have a wonderful year and write that cookbook. I want a signed copy. :)


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