Friday, June 5, 2020

(My New Favorite) Pizza

 Is there anything better than pizza on Friday night? Only homemade pizza. Since King Arthur hasn't disappointed me yet, I decided to try another of the pizza dough recipes on the site. The recipe looks long, but it's very easy to put together. There are directions for making the dough the day before or for making it on the day you wish to serve it, which I did.

Here is the link.

I love that the dough is pre-baked and then toppings are added before the final bake. I used some marinara sauce I had in the freezer. I sauteed the meat from 2 links of Italian sausage with some chopped onion and bell peppers. I put a light coating of sauce on the baked crust, added the sausage and pepper and onion mixture, spread 8 ounces of shredded mozzarella over that, added some fresh basil and a sprinkle of olive oil and baked for 15 minutes.
My very favorite pizza is usually a true Neopolitan thin-crusted pizza. This was slightly thicker, but the crispy chew of the crust was ethereal. Generally, I prefer sliced meatballs on my pizza, but the sausage and peppers and onions was a delicious break from the usual. Two slices was all I could eat, but I'm going to enjoy the rest for a few lunches. Pizza freezes beautifully.


  1. This sounds delicious! Can the dough be frozen without baking?

  2. looks great I am now on my 3rd Kitcheaide mixer I constantly burn them out I make so much dough! LOL I love a thick dough the rest of the clan likes it paper thin. We have a pizza oven that attaches to our gas grill its the bomb!


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