Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crazy Quilted Jewelry Box

I decided to put together all the stitches I've been practicing during the TAST challenge and to find a practical use for my crazy quilting. At the same time, I played with a split complement color scheme using colors that aren't typically "me."


  1. That is gorgeous!! I really have to learn how to do this - what a great idea to start on a small patch instead of a large quilt! I have been following your TAST challenge posts and will be referring to them often!!! Thanks.

  2. This is a beautiful way to use your gorgeous embroidered quilt piece, Arlene. I love all the colors and stitchery.

    PS: Bolero jackets don't look attractive on me as I have long arms and a wide back..they are confining and very uncomfortable. I'd probably need a size large than my dress size, and that would cause headaches. My dress has short sleeves, so I'm not thrilled my flabby arms will be poking out but I loved all the rest of the dress so I'm happy that chore is over. I;m really more of a pants person. :)

  3. Love the box WOW beautiful... Simply love it. May have to check out hobby lobby when wood is on sale and try my hand with the crazy quilt and stitches.Hugs

  4. Arlene,this is so so pretty!!

  5. So pretty Arlene! I love all the bright colors. ;-)


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