Friday, June 24, 2011


While I eat breakfast every day, it's not my favorite meal of the day. Winter mornings I like a bowl of Irish oatmeal with blueberries. The rest of the year I switch between cold cereal, an egg, or the occasional toast with Nutella. Browsing through this month's Self magazine with its spread of spas around the country and some of the food featured at these spas, I came upon the Red Mountain Resort's healthful version of a classic breakfast dish. Though this is a far heartier breakfast than I usually eat, I decided to give it a try with just a few small changes.

Serves 2
1 cup Special K cinnamon pecan cereal, lightly crushed
1 tbs toasted sliced almonds
1/2 cup egg whites, or egg substitute
1/2 tsp pure vanilla
1/2 tsp cinnamon
4 slices cinnamon raisin bread
1 mashed banana
optional:  blueberries or strawberries

Spray a griddle or nonstick skillet with cooking spray and heat over medium high heat. Combine cereal crumb and almonds in a shallow bowl. In another shallow bowl combine egg whites, vanilla, and cinnamon. Dip 1 slice bread in in egg batter, then dip in cereal mixture, gently patting to help crumbs adhere. Repeat with remaining bread slices. Spread 1/2 mashed banana on each of 2 slices, top with remaining 2 slices to make 2 sandwiches. Cook sandwiches about 4 minutes on each side, until golden brown. Cut in half and serve with fresh berries or powdered sugar.

N.I.: 321 calories per sandwich, 5g fat, 54g carb, 4g fiber, 14g protein
This sweet, crunchy treat could make a breakfast lover of me for sure! If you love cinnamon, this is a perfect dish for you. The original recipe called for cornflake crumbs, but I love the Special K with cinnamon and pecans. Topped with blueberries this breakfast was so satisfying. It's a perfect brunch dish (or half a sandwich would be a great dessert or snack). While I think it's too much breakfast to have on a regular basis, I will definitely make it again for a Sunday special. Definitely yummy.


  1. just sitting here with my mouth open, wow is this amazing looking, delicious everything about it is wonderful the photo is perfect!

  2. This looks like an absolutely perfect way to start the day! Love the interesting combination of ingredients!


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  4. I saw this recipe in the magazine. Seeing your post, I will now try it for sure. Yum!


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