Friday, December 24, 2010


There are those who just don't "get" struffoli; they wonder what all the fuss is about. After all, it's little pieces of fried dough tossed in a honey concoction. I confess I've been lazy for quite a few years, buying struffoli in my favorite Italian bakery with the excuse that theirs is healthier because it's baked, not fried. The truth is that theirs is dry and at $15 for a small plate, it's highway robbery. After watching the episode where Giada and her aunt make struffoli, I decided to resurrect this Christmas tradition. I also decided to give Giada's version a try. Giada's recipe is here. The basic difference between her recipe and the one I've used forever is that she uses lemon and orange zest. Let me say upfront that I gave her method of rolling out the dough, cutting it into 1/2 inch strip, then rolling the balls a try, but immediately returned to the tried and true method of rolling out a rope of dough, cutting it with a pizza cutter, and then rolling. Why make more work; this is somewhat tedious to begin with. As you can see from the pictorial above, it's not rocket science. Making the dough is very easy. Making and frying the struffoli just requires a bit of patience.

I'm submitting this to I Heart Cooking Clubs. Be sure to head over to check out what other sweet treats by Giada were made.
The addition of the lemon and orange zest elevates the family favorite; props to you, Giada. I made just one batch of these because I find them positively addictive. I will probably resume the annual tradition of making struffoli based on the success of these.


  1. These are cute! I've never had them. They seem similar to one of my favorites--beignets, but w/ honey. I love that different cultures have connections through food. Your method of making struffoli makes more sense to me, plus if it's what you're used to...well, I've always been taught "go with what you know!"

  2. My family always buys these and usually they are downright mediocre...I think next year I'm going to have to go at em myself! These look wonderful.

    merry Christmas!

  3. These look so great! I have never heard of them before, like Italian Timbits!

  4. These look pretty wonderful to me and well worth making a family tradition. ;-)

    Hope your holidays were wonderful.

  5. I love when Giada cooks with her Aunt on the show. These stuffoli are really cute, especially with the sprinkles! I'd love to give them a try and can easily see them being a holiday tradition.

  6. I'm unable to find a recipe for the strufffoli on here and wanted to see if someone could stir me in the right direction. Thanks!

  7. I just watched Giada make them! I'm Italian but have never heard of these... Your page was the first that came up when I did a Google search. I think I'll try it! Merry Christmas!


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