Friday, October 15, 2010


This week has been filled with events for the volunteer group that I coordinate. Being short on time and having to produce two desserts in as many days, I was looking for quick and easy as well as delicious. Being a big fan of Mennonite Girls Can Cook, I perused their website for something to fit the bill. This version of a favorite dessert, Black Forest Cake, immediately caught my eye. Normally I'd make a chocolate ganache filling, bake my favorite chocolate cake, whip some cream, and, if the season were right, make a cherry pie filling. The beauty of this recipe is that you can use a good boxed cake mix, instant chocolate pudding, canned cherry pie filling (though a wonderful recipe for homemade cherry filling is given), and just whip your cream and assemble.

Since there were mainly crumbs left when I went to collect my cake carrier, you can be sure no one cared that this was the quick and easy version. If you've never visited the "Mennonite Girls" blog, be sure to do so. They have just shared the exciting news that they're publishing a cookbook whose proceeds they will use to feed hungry children.

The recipe for the cake is here.


  1. That is one beautiful cake, Arlene! You have it decorated so nice with the piping on top and the ring of cherry filling. Very creative.

  2. Oh, it looks great! I've never made a black forest cake...but I like eating them ;) I'll go check out that recipe...and maybe I'll be able say I've made one sometime soon. YUM!

  3. Arlene,
    Your Black Forest Cake looks fantastic. .I know just what it tastes like.
    Thank you so much for giving our blog a plug. We surely do appreciate it.
    Lovella for MGCC

  4. Black Forest Cake is so deliciously decadent. You decorated it so beautifully, Arlene.

    I'm a fan of Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog, and I'm so pleased their cookbook dream has come true! I already pre ordered my copy.

    PS: EATALY is pricey but the selection of foods are phenomenal...and it's cheaper than a trip to

  5. I'm a huge cake snob - I want it homemade! LOL But... I have a very good recipe for California Sherry Cake that uses a boxed mix. ;)


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