Friday, January 29, 2010


We go through a lot of hummus in the Food of Love kitchen. I use it as a spread on my sandwiches and both DSO and I enjoy it with vegetables or crackers or toasted pita as an afternoon pick-me-up. While I find the Sabra brand to be tasty, it's quite expensive at $4.00+ for a very small container and it's so easy to make, I don't remember why I started buying it. That said, after reading about Erica's red pepper hummus over at My Columbian Recipes, I knew it was time to break out the tahini. While I used my old "Start the Party" Hummus recipe from Diana Abu-Jaber's The Language of Baklava as a springboard, I did take a hint from Erica and add some cumin to my mix.

1 (15 oz) can chickpeas, drained
2 tbs olive oil
juice of 2 lemons
3 cloves garlic
1/2 cup tahini
4 piquillo peppers
1/4 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp cumin
salt to taste

Puree all ingredients to a thick, creamy consistency. You can adjust the consistency by adding small amounts of water. Serve with a streak of olive oil on top along with a basket of warm or toasted pita bread.
It makes absolutely no sense to buy hummus when you can make it so quickly and so economically. With the money you save, buy a wonderful bottle of wine to enjoy along with it.


  1. mmmm, i love hummus, i bet those red peppers make it even better!

  2. I like making hummus at home too. It seems like I always have the ingredients on hand. I really like the way you served it on a plate with all the accompaniments! Lucky for you that DSO likes it. My husband won't touch it, and I don't understand why. Have a great weekend Arlene:D

  3. I love hummus as well. When Im feeling lazy I buy the tub from the store its always ehhhh. This looks like a great recipe..Ill try it soon!Thanks

  4. This really does look wonderful and you're right about the cost and taste factors. Homemade can't be beat. I'll wager this is delicious.

  5. I love hummus. It is 10:00 at night and I sure would enjoy munching on that platter of pita bread and hummus.

  6. Oh i love the hummus too and add my all time fav raosted red peppers and magic on my taste buds and sandwhiches in my tiffin.......
    Thannz for the reminder of our un opened jar of hummus in the refrigeration.....
    And i'll have a chilled chilled,large can of pepsi to go with the elicious plattter please.....

  7. wow peppers are my favorite this is a must try for me love the sound of it! So healthy of a snack at that!!! You are brilliant!

  8. I try not to make hummus too often because we eat so much of it! But I do like the idea of adding some roasted peppers to it.

  9. I agree, I have no idea why people would buy hummus. Great recipe - you can easily add jarred roasted red pepper or freshly roasted garlic when you want a switch-up.
    Delicious and healthy.
    And yes to the wine!! :)

  10. Homemade hummus definitely tastes SO much better than storebought. I love the red pepper flavoring in this.

  11. Gorgeous color. Besides the cost and the taste and how easy it is to do, making homemade hummus is so much better because you can control the ingredients and know exactly what is in there. ;-)

  12. Your hummus sounds and looks delicious!I loved mine :)

  13. Arlene,I'd like to sit down to your snack tray any day. This looks like a great way to enjoy the afternoon. I like the way you personalized this recipe, combining the flavors/spices you like from two different recipes. That is what I think cooking is all about... taking a little of this and adding a bit of that.

    Great recipe and I am going to follow your lead and make my own hummus from now on. Many thanks...

  14. You are so right, Arlene. I have all the ingredients for your yummy hummus recipe in my cupboards right now. I'm off to buy a bottle of wine with all the money I saved.

  15. Hello Arlene,
    I found you first...hahaha...thank you for visit, lovely comments and for following back! XO
    See you soon!
    p.s. I love your dishes and presentation! Lots to learn!

  16. The red peppers made the hummus more delish! I just tried it and I was impressed with the dish.

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