Monday, March 16, 2009


You may have noticed my spiffy new award, the Sisterhood Award, given to me by my friend and fellow blogger, Gloria, of Foods and Flavors of San Antonio. Gloria has a party going on this month at her blog, which I encourage you to visit.

Thank you, Gloria, for this award. Since you're on record as saying that "rules are meant to be broken," I'm going to bend them just a bit and give this award to anyone who:

1.. has a food blog

3. who visits my friend Gloria's blog (

How easy is that? So, thanks again, Gloria, and to my readers, please accept this Sisterhood Award in the spirit of friendship and good food.


  1. Congratulations on your award!

  2. You are such a cutie. You very much deserve the sisterhood award. So, mi hermana, how's the romantic life in the woods treating you?

  3. What a nice award! Congrats, Arlene :)

  4. What a nice award from Gloria. Congratulations. L/H, Peg

  5. Congrats Arlene! Well deserved!

    I adored San Antonio on my one and only visit. I'll certainly check out Gloria's blog.


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